Why Software Engineering?

Growing up in an Asian immigrant family meant that idea of allowance was non-existent. Thus, money is scarce and it has to come from my own sweat and tears. I started working towards the end of high school and since then, I’ve always had a job due to the fear of having no income.

I started a part-time job at a retail bank when I was a senior in college and it just felt comfortable to stay even after I graduated. I knew the coworkers, clients, policies, and procedures. But one thing that irked me during my stay at the bank was the outdated programs given to the employees. They were functional but they weren’t pretty.

A year after I graduated, I was promoted to the mortgage department but I started to feel like I was stagnant in life. I wasn’t challenging my brain anymore, even with the new promotion. Additionally, the issue with the outdated programs occurred again.

As I was scrolling through LinkedIn to self-reflect at bedtime, I saw that many of my fellow high school classmates had become software engineers. We had a mandatory year of computer science back in high school, but I thought I was innately bad at it because it took me a bit longer than everyone else to understand the first big concept of the curriculum, recursion. The very idea of computer science became my Kryptonite.

However, as I worked through several part time jobs as well as going through my training for my mortgage position, I realized that most people weren’t born to be geniuses. Most of us won’t immediately be good at something. It takes time and perseverance and hours of looking at the same paragraph of text until maybe 1% will finally sieve through.

With that new understanding, I decided to tackle my old fear, software engineering, yet again. I’ve always liked the idea of building. I even considered going for civil engineering or architecture, but I am most comfortable when I am in front of a computer, so software engineering became my final choice. I looked for bootcamps for software engineering and I decided on the Flatiron School.

I took architecture as an elective during my senior year in high school and it was so satisfying to go through the hours of hair-pulling and all-nighters to see the final polished models that I can call my own. Even if I don’t immediately find a job after graduating from this course, I’ll come out knowing that as long as I put in the time and effort, I can and will be able to understand concepts that I once thought were unachievable for me.

I can’t wait to see where the Flatiron School journey will take me!




I like to write about everything!

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Eva Yi Zheng

Eva Yi Zheng

I like to write about everything!

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