My Experience with the Apple Card

Eva Yi Zheng
2 min readSep 19, 2021


Disclaimer: All views are my own. This article is for educational purposes only. I am not giving any financial advice.

When and why did I apply?

I got it in July 2019 purely for aesthetics. I regret getting this card. As you can tell from the points section, there aren’t a lot of areas to use this card. Hopefully, there will be more in the future.

What was the promotion?

None. :(

Annual fee?


Where and how do I use it?

Benefits that stand out

  • Titanium Card: Fancy white titanium card. It doesn’t feel like the Amex Rose Gold/Platinum or the Sapphire Reserve, but it does feel heavy. The titanium card doesn’t really have benefits. Most of the benefits come from the virtual Apple card. I don’t really use the physical card.
  • Interest-free monthly installments for Apple products: Apple products can be expensive, but you can pay the total over monthly installments over the course of 24 months! You can use your cash towards other investments.
  • Daily Apple Cash: Once your transactions are confirmed, you get the cashback as Apple cash. You don’t have to wait until the end of the billing cycle to receive your cashback.
  • No foreign transaction fee: Even though this card isn’t really promoted as a traveling card, this card has no foreign transaction fee. But there are definitely better cards out there for traveling and eating during vacation.

Point categories that stand out

  • 3% at select merchants with Apple Pay: So far, the select merchants are Apple, Walgreens, Exon Mobil, Uber Eats, Uber, Duane Reade, T-Mobile, Panera, and Nike. I’ve been using this card at the iOS App Store, Walgreens, and Duane Reade. Right now, it’s a little hard to use Face ID because of COVID, so this card is just on auto-pay for extra cloud storage.
  • 2% at other merchants with Apple Pay: I usually use other cards that will give me 3% points/cashback before I resort to using this one.