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  • Alexander Wang

    Alexander Wang

  • Jessica Williams

    Jessica Williams

    Resume finesser, jobsnatcher, and career consultant navigating 13+ years to empower professionals in snatching a seat at the table or breaking it!

  • Brenda Ferrufino

    Brenda Ferrufino

    Aspiring Software Engineer

  • Syed Muhammad Usman Ghani

    Syed Muhammad Usman Ghani

  • Juan Carlos Meza

    Juan Carlos Meza

    Flatiron Software Engineering Graduate eager to learn and grow in this exciting field

  • Jennifer D. Greer

    Jennifer D. Greer

    InfoSec major working towards an HIMT degree. Neurodivergent. Ambidextrous. Quick learner. Coffee addict.

  • Daisy McNeill

    Daisy McNeill

  • freeCodeCamp


    This account is now inactive. Follow our community’s Medium publication instead: https://medium.freecodecamp.org

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