Eva Yi Zheng
I like to write about everything! I also like designing random things! (https://girly-programmer.creator-spring.com/)

This piece is personal to me but I thought that it might relate to others, so I decided to share it. I cannot speak for every immigrant’s story and experience and my experience definitely doesn’t represent anyone other person’s experience.

I originally wrote this piece for an anthology collection but…

Disclaimer: All views are my own. This article is for educational purposes only. I am not giving any financial advice.

When and why did I apply?

I got it in July 2019 purely for aesthetics. I regret getting this card. As you can tell from the points section, there aren’t a lot of areas to use…

At one point, I wanted to be an in-house counsel. I was studying for the LSAT, but I wasn’t particularly interested when I was studying. I was quite bored but I’m glad I found out that the J.D. route wasn’t for me earlier on.

If you’re wondering whether or not…

Disclaimer: I am a JPMC employee at the time of writing this article. This article contains only my opinions/views as a consumer and do not reflect those of JPMC.

When and why did I apply?

It was on a whim back in April of 2021. I saw the promotion and I couldn’t resist. This is actually…

Eva Yi Zheng

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