Eva Yi Zheng
I like to write about everything!
The left side shows symbols from the happiest time for most Chinese immigrants, Chinese New Year. All we ever see is the best sides of things and often fail to remember that nothing is what it seems at surface level.

This piece is personal to me but I thought that it might relate to others, so I decided to share it. I cannot speak for every immigrant’s story and experience and my experience definitely doesn’t represent anyone other person’s experience.

I originally wrote this piece for an anthology collection but…

Disclaimer: All views are my own. This article is for educational purposes only. I am not giving any financial advice.

When and why did I apply?

I got it in July 2019 purely for aesthetics. I regret getting this card. As you can tell from the points section, there aren’t a lot of areas to use…

Eva Yi Zheng

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